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We’ve built our business on customer referrals and recommendations. Receiving a referral from our customers is like getting a stamp of approval for all of the hard work that we do. But don’t just take it from us; our customers say it best...

Jay Nielsen, CEO

The Sweetwater Pages, Padoom.com

"We have been working with Design Wizards for around five years now. We cautiously made the change from our old fulfillment company (Change is sometimes hard). WOW what a difference! Design Wizards is fast, responsive and very professional. Their artists are very good and produce the highest quality ads. Their support staff has been wonderful to work with and act like they really do care about us. (Sounds like we’re in love, doesn’t it?) :)
Since going with Design Wizards we have never looked back, we have never had one day of regret. I couldn’t give them a higher recommendation!"

Steve Brewer

Gold Country Publishing Inc.

"I rarely use the power of recommendation in either personal or business life. But in the case of Design Wizards, I could not encourage one more greatly to work with them as your personal production company. This is the most responsive, reliable, accurate group of people one can imagine. After three years, we paid a visit to their facility. They are as nice and professional as you could ever meet. You can get lost in the shuffle with the larger companies or experience a real hands-on caring group of folks who solve your problems, care for your needs, and do exactly what they say they will. You simply cannot do better than Design Wizards. Please use the phone number below if I can answer any questions. 209-223- 2929."

Glenn Davis

Marketing Depot

"I have been publishing telephone directories since 1977 and many of those years had my own production facility in house. I started working with Design Wizards in 2000 and have been doing my production with them ever since. Working with this group of professionals has been a great experience. They have the ability to take these publications from lead source to pagination with great care for detail. On the art and creative side you will not find a more talented and dedicated group. Design Wizards provides many other tools that publishers can utilize to better manage their business. These tools include all types of detailed sales reports, spec art, commission reports and much more. It’s really like having your own production, sales, accounting and graphics in house without all the headaches that comes with it, and from where I sit its less expensive. So do yourself a favor and contact Design Wizards before you make the costly mistake of trying to bring it in-house, or look for other vendors. These people are the real deal. You are more than welcome to contact me regarding Design Wizards."